Need help on how linux/unix manages packets

Need help on how linux/unix manages packets

Post by Davi » Wed, 24 Jan 1996 04:00:00

        I need to know how to work directly with packets at low level (if
there's a function library, or how to work directly with the network
card). I want to access directly the packets I receive or send. Please
send me info or tell me where to search for info.



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I am looking for some software to manage a two-machine unix web
development environment. My organization has two unix webservers, both
running solaris and apache. One machine is our webserver, the other is a
development environment for internal testing before moving to the
webserver. I need a software package that can manage the web development
process. It should be able to handle the process of keeping files on both
machines in sync as well as be able to process requests to move files
between the machines and handle new files.

If anyone knows of any such software, I'd like to hear about it. TIA.

Chris Tanski

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