AT-1700 Ethernet Card

AT-1700 Ethernet Card

Post by Matt Sturt » Thu, 18 May 1995 04:00:00

Has anybody had any luck setting up an AT-1700 Ethernet card with Linux?  
I've tried useing Netconfig to set the address, and everything else.  
When the machine boots, it sez it found a device for eth0, but it also
sez that the network is unreachable.

I've never set up an Ethernet card under Linux, so I'm new at this.  I
also don't read news much, so please reply via e-mail.  Would really
appreciate any help!


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1. Linux doesn't recognize my AT-1700 Ethernet card

I'm setting up a Linux box running Kernel version 1.2.3 and I can't get
Linux to see my NIC.  It's an AT-1700 and it works fine under DOS.
I have rebuilt the kernel (1.2.8) more than once with no luck.  When  
configuring Network drivers during 'make config', I don't see an option  
for the AT-1700.  But in the Ethernet-HOWTO it says the driver is  
distributed with the standard source tree.  When I run 'ifconfig eth0'
I get "Unknown interface."

I think I have set up all the config files correctly.  This based upon  
the NET-2 HOWTO.  When rc.inet1 runs. I get errors which say "Unknown  
device" a few times, then a few more lines which say "Network not  

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Randy Knight
Division of Continuing Education
Utah State University

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