Post by FT Robert Meggl » Tue, 17 Nov 1998 04:00:00


I've got an 3com 3c507 Card.
But I have really problems to install this card in my LAN.

Is there anywhere help for me?



1. Anyone using 3C507 (3Com EtherLink 16)?

Hello world,

I am using a 3C507 (3Com Etherlink16). And very often (esp during large
transfer) I will see the following error message on my Linux box

eth0: Rx unit stopped, status 5220, restarting.

What is this mean? I have see this error message since I first using
Linux Kernel 1.2.0 and even up to 2.0.36 I still see this error... I run
the 3Com diag program on the card and all test passed.. and I wonder if
there is a 'bug' in the 3c507 driver code...
Any ideas, comments?


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