Need C or C++ programmer to implement protocols

Need C or C++ programmer to implement protocols

Post by CyberCas » Mon, 13 Mar 2000 04:00:00

I have some short quick projects to be implemented in C or C++.

I am looking for anyone proficient in C or C++ to build handlers for simple
text based protocols. These can be developed where ever you choose (at home,
after hours etc.).
Threads, sockets and Unix knowledge would be welcome.

If interested write to me to discuss pay and specs and the like, at:


1. need help implementing a new link layer protocol, maybe even a new domain family (IPX?)

I've got a project where I need to to implement a protocol between some

There is only one hop between all units involved, hence, there is no need
for any network layer routing.  It will be a simple connectionless protocol.
The protocol will use the services of the link layer protocols (MAC/LLC).  A
special LLC/SNAP header will be used to identify this protocol.

I've looked around at all the networking source, but I'm still unsure as to
what needs to be added/altered.  Should I create a new protocol
family(AF_INET,AF_UNIX,etc) for sockets? The protocol sounds somewhat
similar to ipx.  Would it be a good idea to attempt to parallel the ipx
code?  Is that even necessary?  Or can I just register the SNAP packet type
with the network device to receive packets, and to send packets, just call
the device directly with a fully constructed packet?

Basically, I'd like to know what are good references to get a good overview
of the implementation of the networking portion of linux, in addition to
references that are more specific.

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