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Hi there!

I have the following problem:

I have two installations of RH 5.2. Both were installed without problems
at all...
But one of them presents itself as localhost and one of them presents
itself corectly.
Please note that I'm using name server and name server responds
correctly (I verified that).
i.e. it maps from name -> IP and from IP -> name correctly for both

I dig a little bit around the init scripts and I found that the name of
the host is determined in


Here is the snippet:

if [ -n "$NEEDHOSTNAME" -a ${DEVICE} != lo ]; then
    IPADDR=`ifconfig ${DEVICE} | grep 'inet addr' |
            awk -F: '{ print $2 } ' | awk '{ print $1 }'`
    eval `/bin/ipcalc --silent --hostname ${IPADDR}` && set_hostname

Even more weird is that /bin/ipcalc RETURNS the correct hostname while
the system is running.

I set the name of the machine by hand in:


It gets the correct name now... I'm wondering why the hostname wasn't
set properly with original installation.



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