Problems behind MS Proxy Server 2.0...

Problems behind MS Proxy Server 2.0...

Post by A.E.F.MURIAS-DOS-SANTO » Sat, 18 Mar 2000 04:00:00

Dear all

I've installed a Linux box for a friend in a internal network which
is managed by a NT4 machine. It took me a while to put everything
working, because the NT administrator had configured MSProxy2.0
without the socks layer. Netscape worked fine, but none of the
other clients (telnet, ftp, etc) did. I've downloaded socks and
socksyfied the clients, configured libsocks.conf to use socks4
(MS Proxy SOCKS works with socks 4.3, I guess). The NT guru finally
configured the socks layer in MSPS and everything start working fine
(except the ftp PUT, which I now know was a bug of MSPS - they admited).
The Linux box is a server of a smaller lan with 5 computers using IP

Now the strange part: the NT administrator upgraded the MSPS and,
suddenly, most services went down. At a first glance, the problem was
- again - the absence of a well configured socks layer in MSPS. He
did it yesterday and most of the thing start working: HTTP (via
telnet, ftp, and so on. The problems are:

a) Netscape can read mail via POP server but can't send any messages!
b) This also happens in one of the Windows boxes in the internal network
   which is using Pegasus mail.
c) All other Windows boxes in the internal network are working fine,
   and can send and receive mail!

This is rather strange. The NT administrator said that the servers were
all well configured (which I must believe?). I tried to telnet to port
25 of the mail server (with the original and the socksyfied telnet) and
got a refused connection...

This should not be a permissions problem, because all other internal
computers talk with the mail server with the IP of the linux box
(masquerade) and they do it fine! Does anybody have any hints or
suggestions about this? It's quite hard for me to solve this problem to
my friend since I'm now in the UK and he is working in Portugal, so I
couldn't check any configuration, both of the Linux and the NT. However,
I've configured the Linux box one year ago, and it worked fine since
with no crashes or shutdowns, but those necessary for kernel updates.

Thanks a lot



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