Linux & HP DNS Co-existing

Linux & HP DNS Co-existing

Post by Jose Santiag » Thu, 18 Jun 1998 04:00:00

> Anyone know how to integrate/move an HP DNS with underscores in the
> names to a Linux System. I moved everything over (copied actually) but
> NAMED rejected all the names with underscores. Documentation shows that
> an underscore is NOT a valid character for DNS names. But we have a lot
> of underscores in HP DNS names.  Unfortunately the HP is going away.

> nslookup works fine; so does ping. We could just rename all of them to
> dashes. But we're kind of afraid that we may have referenced a name with
> underscores in some undocumented critical function. (We're just
> nervous).

 HP has one of the earlier broken DNS implementations that should not
support underscores. We have a mixed HPUX/Linux/AIX environment and
had similar issues. named gives an error about underscores in names but
continues to resolve them anyway (We use bind-4.9.6-REL now).
We have since removed all of the underscores from host names. But, as I
recall, the names were still being resolved before we could remove all
references to names with underscores. We just set up aliases with both
dashes and underscores.

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