downstream-only cable modem setup q

downstream-only cable modem setup q

Post by Eric Agne » Sat, 23 Oct 1999 04:00:00

I've read the mini-howto's, checked numerous places, & still can't get this
thing to work, so... here goes.

I've got 2 ethernet cards, 1 on a hub to my other machines, & the new one
set up connected to the cable modem.  I can dial into the server (prime
cable/chicago) w/ the ppp modem just fine, but can only ping machines on
the same subnet as the ip I end up with.  eth1 ends up just sitting there
doing nothing (pinging which they gave me- works, but no other

For anyone else out there w/ a similar setup (com21 or similar
downstream-only cable modem), the following info would be extremely

- 'route -n' and 'ifconfig' output
- 'ipchains -L -n -v' output (or similar ipfwadm listing)
- whether dhcpcd was necessary/used on eth[01], what flags, etc. (it would
  seem to me that this would only make sense on a 2-way cable modem...?)
- any additional tricks necessary to get it set up & working properly

Any help greatly appreciated.  TIA.



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I have 2 network cards and 1 modem in a Linux Box with RH6.
My cable modem uses the modem to start a PPP session, and the network card
is then hooked up to the VPN of the ISP.

I would like to setup a IP Masquraded Firewall to hook some of my other
behind the firewall.

I  cannot find a HOW-TO to setup the Linux box using this type of Cable
Modem.  I
have only found 2 way cable modems.  Can someone point me it the right

My problem is that I don't know how to get Linux connected, then also, how
do I configure
ipchains or ipfwadm to use the correct rule set.  Do I do the modem or the
network card.  The
network card has a static IP of which is usally used for VPNs.  My
cable company
is of corse not supporting Linux, so I have to do it myself.  The PPP dialup
uses DHCP to
assign my address so I have dhcp setup.

Thanks in advance..


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