logoutd / telnet user restriction

logoutd / telnet user restriction

Post by tim » Sun, 28 Feb 1999 04:00:00

Hi !

I would like to avoid certain user to telnet my pc. I was told in this
newsgroup it would be possible with logoutd. But I cannot get it to
In the man page is said, that logoutd scans the /etc/utmp, but the
utmp-file is in /var/run. So I made a link from /etc/utmp to
/var/run/utmp. That didn't work.My /etc/porttime:  *:root:AL0000-2400
Any suggestions ?




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I'm trying to make an account for a user but want to put the same
restriction as the ftp or anonymous user.

That involves: - not being able to use ! ftp commands like !su
                    - the ftp home directory must appear as a root / (like
the chroot which apply to ftp or anonymous user when the ftpd starts).

I have already tried in /etc/passwd to declare a non existant default
shell: /usr/noshell


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