Masquerading or changing the nasic host information?

Masquerading or changing the nasic host information?

Post by Sa » Sun, 27 Jan 2002 05:30:59

I want sendmail, elm, pine etc send my e-mails as:

rather than

With linuxconf on Redhat 6.0 under "Basic Configuration" area, I have
the computer set up as "" and one of the accounts I set up
is "nameY".

I have under "Mail Delivery System (sendmail)/Basic/Masquarading
Rules" area the
rule set up for:


However, it does not seem to stick!

I can go tweek the pine systems to send e-mail with the address I
want. However, even with changing the elmrc and the global elmrc, I am
not able to change things there, either...

Any suggestions?




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