Slow IPX routing (or connection) on Linux Router

Slow IPX routing (or connection) on Linux Router

Post by surgeo » Thu, 24 May 2001 18:26:24

Hi !

I am setting up a linux box to act as a IPX/TCPIP router box.  
(based on Coyote Linux one-disc distribution P90-64MB RAM
4 NIC`s - 3Com905B - eth0 ,Realtec - eth1, and 2x NE2000 eth3 eth4)

I got linux to route ipx/tcpip and I was able to get connected
to my Novell servers, but the speed is slightly slower when
using the linux router box versus a Novell router box.
TcpIp connections speed are very good.

Are there any parameters to adjust in linux so it can route
ipx faster? Or maybe something wrong in my configs/or hardware ??

Thx for help and advise

Jacek 'SurgeoN'

A few data about my network:

I`v got in syslog many alerts like this:
May 23 10:00:02 (none) kernel: eth0: Transmit error, Tx status register
May 23 10:00:40 (none) last message repeated 7 times
May 23 10:01:48 (none) last message repeated 6 times
May 23 10:02:56 (none) last message repeated 22 times
May 23 10:04:00 (none) last message repeated 4 times
May 23 10:05:04 (none) last message repeated 6 times
May 23 10:07:19 (none) last message repeated 9 times  

#cat /proc/net/ipx_route

0000AF0A   0000AF02     008048B20254 /NW 3.12/
0000AF0C   0000AF00     008048AFE6F0 /NW5.1/
0000AF03   Directly     Connected  /subnetworks .../
0000AF02   Directly     Connected
0000AF01   Directly     Connected
0000AF00   Directly     Connected

#cat ipx_interface
Network    Node_Address   Primary  Device     Frame_Type
0000AF00   000102B06D0A   Yes      eth0       802.3  
0000AF01   00C026EE9B8C   No       eth1       802.3    
0000AF02   008029E390DC   No       eth2       802.3  
0000AF03   00605206D3A2   No       eth3       802.3

--- AF01 ----|         |         |NW 5.1|
 NW 3.12     |  Linux  | eth0        |
--|AF02 -----| Router  |---- AF00 ---|----|CISCO|--WAN
             |         |              
--- AF03 ----|_________|


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