PLEASE HELP ME ftp server problems

PLEASE HELP ME ftp server problems

Post by gaetan.. » Wed, 08 Sep 1999 04:00:00

I am new to linux, "just wanted to get that out of the way" I recently
installed Mandrake 6.0, everything is great, and am on my way to
kissing Microsoft goodbye. I am having a slight problem with my ftp
server. It says by default if you have a user account you can log on,
but it seems only ftp and anonymous logs on. When I added myself as a
user I added the ftp group to my supplemental groups. I am still
getting an error when I log on invalid username "dont get it" didnt
have this problem with Redhat 5.2. I have read the book and understand
what files are being called on when the server is activated. Anyone
have any Idea's for me. I am lost and would like to get my ftp to work

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I have redhat 7 installed. I am trying to setup an anonymous ftp server. So
far i can log in as an anonymous user, but when i try to upload anything,
the ftp client tells me that i do not have permissions to upload
anything...since this server won't allow it.

Can anyone please help me out, what do i need to do so that anonymous users
can upload to the ftp server?


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