Local users of a my dialup server

Local users of a my dialup server

Post by Carlos M. Figuero » Sun, 02 Feb 1997 04:00:00


        I am trying to write E-Mail or ntalk to users of my dial-up server
(just a couple of friends/voluteers) and I get Segmentation fault in
pine when trying to send the messaage or host failure when trying to
talk.  Attached is my hosts file.  If any additional information is
needed I can supply it.

        Also; is there a Windows dial-up terminal program that will let my
users see my XDM login session and just login and work in X thru their
dial-up connection?   I am providing this so a couple of friends can use
my machine to learn the Unix environment and I'd like to give them the X
experience as well.

        Any help will be appreciated.  Thanks in advance.

C. Figueroa


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I have just gotten apache v1.13 up and running on FreeBSD v4.7 .  I
have the server connected to my local network through a standalone
netgear router which is in turn connected to DSL provided by Verizon.

   I can get the apache default webpage if I http to the server from
any of the other computers on my local network.  However, anyone
outside the internet cannot get to the server by httping to the IP
address assigned to me from Verizon.  I did not change any
configuration from the standard apache install.

   My router is setup to forward port 80 to the server.  As a test, I
also started forwarding port 23 to the server and fired up telnetd.
Friends of mine could telnet to the box by using the Verizon IP
address, only still no go with http.

   So it looks like port forwarding is working, does anyone have any
ideas why this is happening?  I am hoping it is some configuration I
overlooked for Apache and hope that it is not Verizon blocking port

TIA for any help,

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