PPP Win98 & Linux over Null Modem

PPP Win98 & Linux over Null Modem

Post by demo » Wed, 19 Aug 1998 04:00:00

Two simple questions:

1. Does the win98 Serial driver for DUN allow you to use Dial up
Networking to connect to Linux over a null modem? If not - does anyone
know where I can download such a DUN driver?

2. Is there such a thing as a "Null Parallel Cable" - or is it simply a
normal parallel cable. (BTW Does PLIP work with the Dialup networking
Parallel Cable driver??)

Thanks for any help.


1. Help Null Modem Win98 ppp With Solaris

Hi UNIX Guru's, appreicate you help in advance. Trying to move away from the
stupid Microsoft world and just getting a hang of Solaris.
I just bought a refurbed Sun Sparc 20  great system. My problem is I have a
internal 56K USR modem in a INTEL 120 PC running Win98 PPP to my ISp. I
can't afford to buy another modem either internal or external for the Sun
box. Somebody adviced me to use the null modem trick to connect the two
boxes using the RJ45 connector cable twisted pair and everything would be
fine. I don't seem to get this setup working. Also I can't use static IP as
I get one from my ISP. I can get up to two dynamic IP's for my connections.
Any help is truly appreciated.


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