How to connect three different network using redhat linux 9 - clients are window 2000

How to connect three different network using redhat linux 9 - clients are window 2000

Post by vis » Wed, 01 Dec 2004 20:57:58

hello friends.

The present situation is,

we have one linux server, that server has two ethernet cards. one act
as gateway  to connect internet, another card is sharing internet to

Now i need to separate single LAN into two different networks. And i
have to share internet to these  two networks.

if there is any possible to access within these two networks throu
redhat Linux 9. The clinet are windows 2000.

every hits are appreciated.

thank you



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   Anyone happen to know where I can find information on networking a Redhat
8.0 machine with a Windows 2000 machine on a network where:

Windows 2000 sees internal LAN fine
Windows 2000 sees outside world fine

Windows 2000 obtains IP address automatically
Windows 2000 obtains DNS server address automatically
DHCP Enabled

In an environment where linux wants to have its own static ip number and
specified domain name, how do i get it to share its hard drive contents with
this windows 2000 machine?

Anyone got any helpful ideas or websites??? Help is much appreciated..

Thomas Jackson

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