Use Vyatta 4 - question

Use Vyatta 4 - question

Post by Piter... » Sun, 18 May 2008 03:24:33

Hello all,

Currently adminisfration maxim-size network, where reign Windows
Server 2003 and 2008 (fif*th serwers WWW, three database, two
firewall - one ISA 2004 and one ISA 2006 Enterprise) and hardware
routers Cisco.

Intend exchange servers firewall (two ISA) and router Cisco by Vyatta
(in role firewall and routers with BGP). How then get? Please advice
or links to some FAQs & howto's.

Please answer.

Best regards.


1. Vyatta VC4 released

Vyatta Community Edition 4 (VC4) open-source network operating system
is now available. VC4 delivers significant scalability improvements
and expanded application support to its router/firewall/VPN feature
set and achieves a 10X price/performance advantage over proprietary
network solutions.  New features include: enhanced QoS, ECMP, GRE
IPinIP, PPPoE, WAN load balancing, VPN & DHCP Client and more.
details at

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