Easy Linux router setup

Easy Linux router setup

Post by Bob » Thu, 30 Mar 2000 04:00:00

I am building a practice lan with four routers and would like to use
Linux routing. I have used Redhat for awhile on a single computer, but
have no experience at all using linux in a networking environment.
Therefore, what would be the easiest way to set up four linux routers?

1)Would it be using LRP? Is there any better documentation of the setup
than at http://www.linuxrouter.org/ ?
2)Does Redhat 6.1 have a router included? How should I set it up?
Could I then use Redhat while the routing program is running in the
3)Which linux routing software is the most commonly used?

Does anybody have some links with practical information of how to set
up linux routers?

Would be very greatful for any help!

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1. Easy to setup, Easy to go -- Linux... the working mom's OS :) (satire)

Here's one reason..

Linux software is packaged in easy-to-install packages, just pick one
up from the ftp, and install.. dinner's ready in a minute! No more
meals of yesterday where one had to fiddle with the ingredients just
to make something edible.

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