Connect to Infovia with ppp

Connect to Infovia with ppp

Post by Xesus Maria Lopez Alvar » Fri, 14 Jun 1996 04:00:00

        I'm a user of Infovia, a net that is running in Spain, whose main
benefit is to let one connect with service providers like, for example,
Internet access providers paying only local call fees.

        The software available runs under Windows, but I think it would
be much better to connect from Linux. I've been trying to make a script
with 'ppd' and 'chat', in order to do that, but I haven't succeded.

        Has anyone of you any good idea? If it can help, I've tried
things like the following:

        pppd \
                connect 'chat TIMEOUT 60 "" "+++ATDT055" CONNECT' \
                noipdefault \
                defaultroute \
                crtscts \
                modem \
                +ua myid.pap \
                /dev/modem 9600

        I see the modem rings and seems to make a phisical connection,
but the 'chat' proccess continues runing. I've tried the 'chat' command
(with redirected input and output to /dev/modem) from the command promt,
and it does not exit. It seems the modem doesn't return CONNECT, or chat
can't read the input from the modem. Perhaps there's something I'm doing bad?

        As a note, this network uses ppp, pap authorizations, and does
not have login prompt (ppp runs automatically on the other side)

        Any help you can give, in the form of string, advice, etc...,
would do me good.

        Thanks in advance.

Xesus M. Lopez


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