Need help on setup network with only one IP ...

Need help on setup network with only one IP ...

Post by Derek Kwa » Fri, 26 Apr 1996 04:00:00

Hello world...

 I have a valid static IP address from my ISP. However I would like to
connect both my Linux and Windows95 box to the internet at the sametime
Here are my settings so far...

Windows95 Box         Linux Box            ISP
(via Ethernet)        (via Ethernet) <----->
                      (via CSLIP)
             <----> whatever...

What software do I need on the Linux box (and how to set it up) in order
to route my Windows95 Box to the Net? Is that true one way of doing it
is actually setup the Linux box as a firewall?

Please e-mail me at:-


Many Thanks!

Derek Kwan


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