Standalone Linux Server with Windows 98 and Windows XP clients

Standalone Linux Server with Windows 98 and Windows XP clients

Post by Ed Alber » Sun, 15 Dec 2002 03:14:20

Looking at setting up a Linux Server that will be used as a file server
and an intranet web site by approximately 40 user workstations that are
running either Windows 98 (various versions) or Windows XP.  This is a
big step for us, as we are jumping to this from an NT environment.

Am interested in learning in advance what sort of pitfalls to avoid and
the sort of problems, if any, that we am likely to encounter in getting
all of this set up with regards to user accessibility, security, etc.
Also would like some information on general issues to pay attention to
with setting things up.  

We are also interested in learning what sort of problems or differences
the user end is probably going to encounter.

Generally ... hollering help in advance :-)

Ed Albert
Fiscal Affairs
Humboldt State University

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