need help implementing a new link layer protocol, maybe even a new domain family (IPX?)

need help implementing a new link layer protocol, maybe even a new domain family (IPX?)

Post by Eddie Leun » Wed, 10 Jun 1998 04:00:00

I've got a project where I need to to implement a protocol between some

There is only one hop between all units involved, hence, there is no need
for any network layer routing.  It will be a simple connectionless protocol.
The protocol will use the services of the link layer protocols (MAC/LLC).  A
special LLC/SNAP header will be used to identify this protocol.

I've looked around at all the networking source, but I'm still unsure as to
what needs to be added/altered.  Should I create a new protocol
family(AF_INET,AF_UNIX,etc) for sockets? The protocol sounds somewhat
similar to ipx.  Would it be a good idea to attempt to parallel the ipx
code?  Is that even necessary?  Or can I just register the SNAP packet type
with the network device to receive packets, and to send packets, just call
the device directly with a fully constructed packet?

Basically, I'd like to know what are good references to get a good overview
of the implementation of the networking portion of linux, in addition to
references that are more specific.


1. calling socket protocol family from another socket protocol family ?

I am developing a new socket protocol family.

When getting into the connect routine I notice
that the request goes to a remote computer and I
would like to get this handled by AF_INET.

I was hoping to be able to call


                struct socket *socktramp;
                int retval;
                retval = sock_create (PF_INET, SOCK_STREAM,
IPPROTO_TCP, &socktramp);
                printk ("creating new socket (%d).\n", retval);

                retval = socktramp->ops->connect (socktramp, uaddr,
addr_len, flags);

                printk ("connected ?!\n");
                release_sock (sk);

The creation of an AF_INET socket seems to work (0).

however, the call to the ->ops->connect function (which
should be the AF_INET family) fails:

   connect(): Address family not supported by protocol

Are there better ways of handling this ?


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