xferlog not logging?

xferlog not logging?

Post by sean ut » Thu, 05 Oct 1995 04:00:00

when I changed to the patched wu-ftpd, the log appeared in /var/log/xferlog
I wondered for a long time where it went, and looked in there out of curiousity
one day after doing ls /var looking for something else.  My one complaint about
linux is that everything keeps moving around.  I picked up several variants on
the source to tcl/tk and each one had different paths, with the packager
giving their rationale for moving everything around, finally I went to the raw
source, and was able to compile fine.  I recently recompiled wu-ftpd, and the
log file moved back to /var/adm/xferlog.  Here is the section on linux from the
"Driving your OS to the store:"

LINUX - The developers have been here overnight and changed everything
again.  You wonder what the new cattle-catcher front end and rear gun
turret are for.  Car won't start.  Hot-wire the ignition.  No oil
pressure.  Add oil.  Bad backfire, injection system needs adjusting.
Check manual - nope, manual's three months out of date.  Tune injectors
by ear.  Stereo is missing the left channel, tire pressure seems low,
needs a good wax job ... the hell with it, I'm gonna stay home and play
with the car ...

>My "/var/adm/xferlog" file never gets created or written to (when I touch
>it)? Anyone know why - it USED to work a while ago and I deleted it on
>accident once (many months ago) - I hadn't been a big ftp site if you know
>what I mean, so I really never thought about it. Now that I KNOW people have
>ftp'd from my box as anonymous, there is no log? Other /var/adm/(messages)
>are created fine, so I don't think it is a permission thing is it?

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