Q: connet to my APACHE server with the dynamic IP address

Q: connet to my APACHE server with the dynamic IP address

Post by Feng Shaom » Sun, 19 Apr 1998 04:00:00

Dear friends, help me

Now I can ppp connect to my ISP and my APACHE server can run well in
my local machine. When I use the dynamic IP address with lynx
( e.g. lynx ), I can open my index.html and server side
CGI programe can run well. But when I use netscape 4.04, I can only
access my homepage with localhost( or After I connect to
my ISP,  if I use the dynamic IP address inet: ,  always
report failure.
I could access my APACHE sever via dynamic IP address with netscape
4.04 before, but after re-configured and recompiled my linux kernel
(2.0.29) several times and tried to upgrade to higer kernel version
2.1.36 (failed), I tried to return back, still used 2.0.29 kernel, I
found I lost my way.

I realy don't know where the problem is. netconfig wrong?  or httpd
conf files wrong? or kernel config wrong?  Pls help me to solve this
prblem. Thanks.

(I'm using Slackware 3.02, the APACHE server/httpd is active as



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