found solution for connecting 2 networks by ppp

found solution for connecting 2 networks by ppp

Post by R. Brett Juergen » Tue, 12 Jan 1999 04:00:00

I've uninstalled linuxconf and now both my servers can connect via the
pppd daemon.  I guess it was just a case of doing it the tried and true

1. pppd: can't find file /etc/ppp/ppp-connect

I've been trying to get ppp running under RedHat 3.0.3. In my /etc/ppp/options
file I have the connect /etc/ppp/ppp-connect and have prepared the
/etc/ppp/ppp-connect file. When I run pppd, it says no /etc/ppp/ppp-connect
file. The file is there with what I believe are reasonable values. I have
tryed all kinds of permissions and currently it is rwx to the world during
debug. If I try a >sh /etc/ppp/ppp-connect it starts running and then comes
back with the message UID is a read-only variable (I use a UID=kmartin and
then use $UID in chat command for connecting). I hope this is enough info.
It has me baffled. Thanks.
-Ken Martin

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