kernel panic in 2.0.32

kernel panic in 2.0.32

Post by Rani Chouh » Fri, 27 Mar 1998 04:00:00

   I installed a Sangoma T-1 router card in my Linux box running 2.0.32.

  After i load the router module, and if I telnet over the serial T-1
connection, the Linux box completely hangs with the following error:

skput:over: XXXXXXXX:XX
In swapper task- not syncing

any idea what this error means ?



1. PCNet 32 Kernel Panic


I recently attempted to setup one of my Linux servers to do
iptables/ipmasq routing for my small network. After testing the 2.4.13
kernel (with SGI's XFS compiled in for a couple days), I thought all
was well, until I tried to activate eth1, which is my onboard (Compaq
Deskpro 5100) AMD LANCE (PCNet32) NIC. The kernel panicked right away,
and I didn't have any paper/pen handy to copy the panic. However,
someone else reported this problem with the 2.4.10 kernel (see
as a reference), and the problem sounds very similar. The eth1
interface was configured to grab a IP through DHCP; as soon as it was
attempting to be brought up (during the init portion of the boot), it
panicked. I really can't take the server down again to get a trace of
the panic; I sincerely apologize for this, but not on a production
machine. :-( And, unfortunately, I don't have another machine with a
PCNet32, so I am limited to further testing. I will try the 2.4.17
kernel later this weekend, with some paper and a pen handy, just in
case. ;-) If anyone has any information that they would like to pass
on to me, well, I'd gladly appreciate it. Thanks, in advance, and have
a great weekend everyone!

BTW - My first kernel panic in about 4 years of using Linux! Wow! Kind
of depressing, but I can't tell all of you how reliable Linux has been
up until this point; it only failed with my P.O.S hardware. ;-)

Sean P. Elble
Freelance Systems/Network Engineer
SES Computer Systems


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