Tnos running but......

Tnos running but......

Post by iafil.. » Tue, 05 Sep 1995 04:00:00

Has someone Tnos running well?

I have some problems with the parameters (ax retries ), also other
parameters don't seem to change!

Also til this moment i was not able to forward to an other station
(ax25), some help is welcome whith this.

Current running Tnos200 and kernel 1.3.23.

Please answer by Email,


        Arjan Filius



1. TNOS, link to Linux, and other TNOS questions

Who can help me to make Tnos working fine?
At the moment i have some questions:
It seems to be possible to link the Tnos to the Linux system, i used dip
like (the .dipfile):
 get $local sj1dft
 get $remote li1dft
 port ttypf          #this seemes strange to me, but is adviced for Jnos!
 speed 38400
 send slip\n
 get $mtu 1500
 mode SLIP
 goto exit

Before i start Tnos i do:
/sbin/route add -host
/sbin/route add -net default gw

and the lines responsible for the Link in autoexec.nos:
attach asy ttypf  - slip 26 2048 1024 38400
route add default 26
route add sj1dft 26
arp add sj1dft ax25 li1dft  26

But , at the attach line is says: deve ttypf locked!
(i removed lockfile)
and than tnos can't initialize the port.

The question:Does someone know how to make a Link from the Tnos- program
the the linux-system?

Some exampels for the ax25 mail forwarding are also welcome

At the moment I'm running Tnos200 and kernel 1.3.20, is there a better
version out there? (The Tnos20X patches did't compile).

Thx, personal mail also please.


        Arjan Filius


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