Netatalk being inconsistent in logins

Netatalk being inconsistent in logins

Post by Sam Gorstei » Mon, 13 Jan 1997 04:00:00

I am trying to setup Netatalk on a Linux 2.0.27 machine at my school to
serve all the Macintoshes (about 40) there. Basically, netatalk randomly

times out and refuses logins. The way the network is setup is that all
Macintoshes are running System 7.5.5 With OpenTransport 1.1.1 and
4.0.1. At-Ease is configured to log them in to the Linux server by using

the name and password that they logged in to the At-Ease machine (which
= to their Linux password).

What happens is:
1. At Ease first sends their name and a blank password.
2. Netatalk sends back an incorrect password prompt and prompts for the
  correct password.
3. The user enters the correct password.
4. [Sometimes] Netatalk allows them to mount their home directory.
    [Sometimes] It just freezes for 5-10 seconds, no incorrect password
    prompt or connection time out message appears on the Macintosh, and
the Mac
    continues booting without logging in the person.

I have confirmed that it is not a problem with at-ease, as the problem
when trying to directly mount the homedirectory through the chooser.
(Only this
time, a connection timed out message appears). I am running Netatalk
1.3.3 with
Linux PAM support compiled in. The machine has more than enough ram, and
failures do not seem to depend on how many people are logged in.

I am starting afpd with the following command:
          afpd -G -K -A -c 15

Here is a relevant section of my log file.
Jan  9 07:13:37 falstaff afpd[6537]: session from 65286.177:250 on
Jan  9 07:13:38 falstaff afpd[326]: atp_sreq to (5) 1791.177:251
Jan  9 07:13:49 falstaff afpd[326]: atp_rresp: Connection timed out
Jan  9 07:13:49 falstaff afpd[326]: asp_chld 6537 killed
Jan  9 07:13:55 falstaff afpd[6538]: session from 65286.177:250 on
Jan  9 07:13:55 falstaff afpd[6538]: login brodiea (uid 816, gid 816)
Jan  9 07:33:49 falstaff afpd[6582]: session from 65323.27:250 on
Jan  9 07:33:50 falstaff afpd[326]: atp_sreq to (5) 11263.27:251
Jan  9 07:34:02 falstaff afpd[326]: atp_rresp: Connection timed out
Jan  9 07:34:02 falstaff afpd[326]: asp_chld 6582 killed
Jan  9 07:34:04 falstaff afpd[6585]: session from 65323.27:250 on
Jan  9 07:34:04 falstaff afpd[6585]: login ambiellj (uid 803, gid 803)
Jan  9 07:34:41 falstaff afpd[6586]: session from 65438.76:250 on
Jan  9 07:34:42 falstaff afpd[326]: atp_sreq to (5) 40703.76:251
Jan  9 07:35:05 falstaff afpd[326]: atp_rresp: Interrupted system call
Jan  9 07:35:05 falstaff afpd[326]: asp_chld 6586 killed

The incorrect password that at ease sends at first can be seen in
another one of my log files:
Jan  9 07:13:38 falstaff PAM_pwdb[6537]: 1 authentication failure;
(uid=0) ->
brodiea for netatalk service
Jan  9 07:33:50 falstaff PAM_pwdb[6582]: 1 authentication failure;
(uid=0) ->
ambiellj for netatalk service

*Jan  9 07:34:42 falstaff PAM_pwdb[6586]: 1 authentication failure;
(uid=0) ->   *
*panel for netatalk service                                                   *

But, the third line shows the inconsistiency. In the other two times,
the user

  was able to log in, this time, it just timed out. BTW: I have checked,
panel is
  a valid user, and can log in,...etc.

  It's really wierd. The failures seem completely random.
  Any suggestions.