Equinox Serial Cards

Equinox Serial Cards

Post by Gary Gutha » Mon, 06 Jan 1997 04:00:00

Anybody ever hear of these cards.

The ones I've got are called EQUINOX MEGAPORT.  They are 16bit ISA
cards and each card supports 24 (count 'em) RS-232 ports.  In one of
my previous lives,I was daisy-chaining two cards in an Intel I-403e
box for a total of 48 serial (leased line) connections.  The O/S was
"Interactive UNIX".

I now have about a dozen of these cards, cables & rs-232 connection
(DP-25) boxes.  Would really like to put one of these things in my
Linux 2.0.0 box but have searched extensively through FAQs, HOWTOs,
etc. but can't find anything with the word "Equinox" relating to

If anybody out there can help me get one of these things working, I'll
be happy to give you one of these cards & a set of cables/conx box
**FREE**.  I'll even pay shipping costs.

Tks in advance.


1. PPP and tty on Equinox serial card


        I have Equinox multiport serial card and I'm trying to setup PPP server
on it with mgetty0.99

        Everything seems to be good exept when the PPPD shuts down, it doesn't
close the tty. Then mgetty has no chance to setup modem corectly!!!

How to close tty after PPP?
I have: mgetty 0.99
        kernel 2.0.0
        ppp 2.2.0 (slw 3.1)

                Have a good time, Roman.

P.S.: Sorry for my bad english...

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