Need help with SMC EtherEZ ethernet card setup...please read :)

Need help with SMC EtherEZ ethernet card setup...please read :)

Post by 00jsha.. » Thu, 19 Sep 1996 04:00:00

I am running Slackware 3.0 and I have been trying for about 2 weeks
to get an ethernet connection that I have in my dorm room to work through works like a charm in Win95, but I _really_ would like to use
it for linux.  

My ethernet card is a SMC EtherEZ card, so perhaps that right there is
a problem???  Linux identifies the card in its bootup screen.  I have
also gone through and made all the changes that I have felt I needed to
to numerous files in the /etc directory dealing with networking (I have
read both net-2-howto and I have a linux admin book which I bought).

Basically what I am wondering is, if someone out there might be willing
to be patient with me and try to walk me through it all.  I will
gladly upload any files from Linux that you want to view, including
the bootup messages and anything else.  I just don't want to SPAM this
list by uploading it all here.

One other thing to add, my university uses dynamic allocation of IP
addresses for the dorm rooms, so at any given time my IP address
can differ from to  I don't know if
this makes a big difference, but I have tried to get it to except
dynamic allocation, but it just won't work.  The best that it will
do right now is display a:  Trying
message whenever I try to telnet anywhere other then never
connects; and yes, I have tried numerous other hosts to make sure that
it wasn't just that one which was done.

If someone has the time and interest, I would really appreciate any kind
of help that you could give me.  Please email me a response or post here
if its easier.


Jeff Hanks


1. Help on SMC-EtherEZ card, please


I am trying to load the smc-ultra.o module using insmod but
unable to load it properly. I get the following message.

printk: wrong version or undefined
check_region: wrong version or undefined
init_etherdev: wrong version or undefined
ei_debug: wrong version or undefined
ethdev_init: wrong version or undefined
request_region: wrong version or undefined
NS8390_init: wrong version or undefined
ei_interrupt: wrong version or undefined
request_irq: wrong version or undefined
ei_open: wrong version or undefined
jiffies: wrong version or undefined
eth_copy_and_sum: wrong version or undefined
free_irq: wrong version or undefined
irq2dev_map: wrong version or undefined
register_netdev: wrong version or undefined
kfree: wrong version or undefined
release_region: wrong version or undefined
unregister_netdev: wrong version or undefined
Loading failed! The module symbols (from linux-2.0.30) don't match your

Any ideas?.

Thanks in advance. Could you please cc: the reply to my e-mail?


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