EQL (multiple PPP connection)

EQL (multiple PPP connection)

Post by Kaz Morishit » Tue, 15 Dec 1998 04:00:00

Kate Donnelly was asking about EQL.
Are you trying to get twice the bandwidth of normal PPP connection?
Do you know if your ISP supports multiple connection?

I am starting to setup EQL (haven't started any real work yet,
but just gathering info now), and very much interested in what
you are doing.



1. Multiple PPP w/o EQL?

  Has anyone experimented with wrapping two ppp links into a virtual
circuit at only one end of the link?  I want to increase bandwidth for
my box, and have two ISP links available.  I realize that without EQL, I
won't be able to truly balance between the two, but I was hoping to do
something like alternate requests between the two.

ie, Netscape requests a page with 4 parts: HTML text, and three
pictures.  The wrapper would put the first request over ppp0, the second
over ppp1, then back to ppp0, and the last image over ppp1.  Sure, this
could be a lot more efficient, but it would at least be better than one

Brian Jetter

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