HELP: PPP/with Proxy worked one way but not the other

HELP: PPP/with Proxy worked one way but not the other

Post by Kang S » Thu, 09 Jan 1997 04:00:00


        I spent a lot of time trying to figure out the proxy
setting and still have problems!

        Here are the situation.

        WIN95 <----> LINUX <---------------> OSF
                ppp         ethernet tcp/ip

        Right now, WIN95 and LINUX can talk to each other either ways.
OSF can ping WIN95 sometimes, so I assume the proxy works at least
sometimes. But WIN95 cannot ping OSF at all.

        The strange thing is that WIN95 can resolve the machine
name OSF into its IP address, as seen in the output of the ping
command (no, OSF is not in the local hosts table), it can send request
to and get the answer from a domainname server, which is above our
domain. So, it looks like it was not the proxy problem. But I cannot
think of anything else. Please HEEEEEEEEEEEEEEELP!

        Thank you!

-- Kang Sun


1. PPP working, /etc/ppp/ip-up not working, HELP Please

The title explains it all. . .

Current status:  I walked through the entire ppp document again, and was
able to create a chat script to autologin using information inside the
/etc/ppp/options file, ppp-on, ppp-on-dialer, and ppp-off.

But I can't get ip-up to run.  I was careful to follow the exact
tutorial that the PPP HOWTO gave, and it wouldn't run.

In /var/log/messages I can see 'cannot execute /etc/ppp/ip-down, Exec
format error'

It indeed was not the correct format.  I have added a #!/bin/sh to the
first line, and have changed this to #!/bin/bash, and have messed with
all kinds of permissions.  Inside each corresponding file I just edited
down each file until they say:

echo IPUP is RUNNING > ipup.log


echo IPDOWN is RUNNING > ipdown.log

And I can run these files by hand and they work, but damned if it will
run with a ppp network layer comes up.  ip-down looked like it has tried
to run as mentioned above, but I can't recreate it.  ip-up has never
tried, according to the /var/log/messages.  I bring the ppp connection
down using ppp-off.  I also have added recommendations accordingn to
documentation and they don't run with exact syntax lifted from these

I am completely stumped.  Can anyone help?   I cannot find anything
anywhere that gives me a clue about what I might be missing.

I can manually alter the client routing on dialup, and I have an idea on
how to get the server side to alter the routing based on a mickey mouse
script I can write, but it is not the way it should work. If ip-up and
ip-down worked, it would be a piece of cake.  But I can't figure out
this last piece. . .

Help anyone??  Thanks, I would be very grateful.  Have installed and run
several other items under Linux and it all makes sense.  Have used dip
sacripts as well as chat scripts, and they all work fine.  But
/etc/ppp/ip-up and ip-down just flat aren't executing and I can't figure
out why.

Am running PPPD 2.2 under RedHat Linux 4.0.  Everything else works like
a champ.

tx, david



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