Configuring linux to use a Radius Authentication Server

Configuring linux to use a Radius Authentication Server

Post by I hate not being able to use a real emai » Thu, 12 Dec 2002 22:42:59

We recently installed a Funk Steel Belted Radius server on our
network.  I have a linux box that I would like to configure to
authenticate against the radius server before looking at the local
accounts.  Does anybody know how this is done or can you point me in
to a write-up somewhere?



1. AAA Authentication on Linux using TACACS or RADIUS, is it possible?

Does anyone know if AAA authentication using TACACS or RADIUS can be done
using Linux? My goal is to make a Linux firewall also a AAA server and to
restrict access to the network (internally) using it. Sorry if I sound
inadequate here, I've been stuck in Cisco and now moving to Linux. Any URL's
to such a topic would be appreciated.

- Krish, CCNP

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