internet connexion sharing through usb direct connexion

internet connexion sharing through usb direct connexion

Post by Dan Anghe » Wed, 27 Feb 2002 08:18:26


I just bought an laptop and installed RedHat 7.2, like my desktop computer.
The problem is that I have no network card on the laptop, and a PCMCIA is a
bit expensive. Do you have any idea if I can share my internet connexion
through a USB direct cable connexion?

Dan Anghel


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Hello everyone,

I have a RedHat7.2 server. The server is connect to a LAN witch have a
domain name (monpc.mondomaine). The RedHat server can see and ping
every machine in the LAN, connect to them via Samba (mount some
resources), etc.

The LAN have a DSL Internet Connection witch use a firewall. All other
machines (Windows NT and Windows 2000) can access to Internet.

The problem is that i can't connect to internet with the redhat server
otherwise all others machine in the LAN can.

The resolv.conf file contains this informations :
domain mondomaine
search mondomaine

Have someone an idea ?

Thank A Lot For Your Responses

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