Can't telnet at my client machine using NIS(YP)

Can't telnet at my client machine using NIS(YP)

Post by Jeong Wook Cho » Tue, 27 Apr 1999 04:00:00

Hello Everybody...

I'm trying to set up nis(yp) on ALzza Linux release 5.0-kr(Patch Man II)

and success it...

                        ----    nis(yp) layout     ----
                        root server    ----- node08
                        client ---- node09,node10,node11

but I cannot access client Machine using Telnet...
on the other hand, I can access client Machine using other utilities,
example ftp, X-manager..

If I'm try to access on client Machine, I get the following messages

ALzzA Linux release 5.0-kr(Patch Man II)
Kernel 2.0.32 on an i686
login: jwchoi

Cannot  make/remove an entry for the specified session
                                  ------- what's mean and how to solve

Anyone seen this behavior before?  Any info would be much appreciated.

and... What is YP homepage Url ???


JeongWook in Computer Science of KangNung Nat'l Univ  of  Korea


1. Can't login using yp/nis !

although following instructions in NIS-HOWTO and reading all FAQ's i could
find, i'm still not able to login to my linux machines using


the funny thing is, i can do 'ypcat passwd' and even change users passwords
with yppasswd ... but a normal user isn't able to login! might there be a
problem with these packages in conjunction with the shadow password system?
i only found hints, that it isn't that easy ...

i got 4 linux machines, one is running as the master, the 3 others as
slaves. this part works. the 4 communicate and exchange datas ...

the master is running ypserv and yppasswdd, the three others ypserv and

what could be wrong? why can i change my password as a user (when su'ing
from root) but not login ?

thanx in advance for any hints,


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