poll/select in udprelay - anyone have poll.c(h) code for linux?

poll/select in udprelay - anyone have poll.c(h) code for linux?

Post by Daniel Bruc » Sat, 22 Feb 1997 04:00:00

Gee, two years go by and I'm in the same situation as this guy.

 Does anyone out there have this code? I have udprelay and need the
poll.c poll.h
code as descibed in this old post.

 Any help will be greatly appreciated.

 I am also surprised that udprelay and redir are not on sunsite. I have
redir (tcp) working
on my system. but I really want to get udprelay working too.

 Why not build this code into IPMASQ???


> > Hello firewalls readers.

> > I'm searching proxy-archie systems work on firewall machine.
> > I found 'udprelay' for this purpose, but this requres "poll"
> > system-call, so I could not build it on some BSD systems.

> > Does anyone know another tools proxying archie?

> Here are my patches to udprelay-0.2 to conditionally use the select call.
> You must add -DUSE_SELECT to the CFLAGS in the Makefile to use select
> instead of poll. I have it in use as several sites.

[ patch omitted ]

Alternatively, you can write a version of poll() in terms of select(2)
(which is what I did, since I didn't feel like hacking up udprelay
If you'd rather use that approach, send me mail, and I'll send you my
poll.[ch] files. We're currently using udprelay on a BSDI system, and
emulated poll() function works just fine.

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1. select()/poll() source code posting

I have written an implementation of poll() and select() for systems that
lack them.  It is implemented as a device driver.  I have called it
pol() and selec() so as not to confuse them with the originals.  It only
works on reads and writes.

I have tested it using pcomm 2.0 and ptyshl with the PD pty driver.

The shar file is 17k.  My thanks to those people in comp.unix.internals
who helped me with some of the details.  This code was written by
looking at other PD device driver implementaions, like fas(async),
pty(ptys), herc(hercules graphics), and mouse(mouse).  

The code was developed on AT&T 386 Unix SVr3.1, which has poll(), but
only for streams.  

If you would like a copy, please mail me a request.

Bruce Momjian                      |  830 Blythe Avenue

                                   |  (215) 353-9879(w)  853-3000(h)

Bruce Momjian                      |  830 Blythe Avenue

                                   |  (215) 353-9879(w)  853-3000(h)

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