What is the main advantage of having two ethernet cards?

What is the main advantage of having two ethernet cards?

Post by Shinro Taniguc » Wed, 07 Oct 1998 04:00:00

Here is our senario. We have got a linux file server for the storing the
user files. What happen is that when our users try to run a finite element
package, this package create a huge swap (500 MB or more) file despite the
amount of memory we have (512MB). The location of this swap file can be
changed but since we have a SGI application server for a finite element
package this package run on our SGI machines but we got a linux box as a
NFS file server for user account and the swap files.

My question is:

Does the second ethernet card increase the speed of our NFS when users run
the finite element package creating large swap files? We got a 3com Switch
and Hubs so our intranet can be isolated. At this moment we use one
100Mb/s ethernet card for the linux file server.

If the speed increase is more than 15%, we'll look into it. In this case,
how about three ethernet cards? The last question how can we achieve this
if the multiple ethernet card configuration is a better solution?

Thanks in advance,