squid & UPS Worldship?

squid & UPS Worldship?

Post by David Efflan » Thu, 15 Feb 2001 09:44:14

United Parcel Service Worldship offers 3 choices to connect to transfer
shipping info, ISP (your own), UPS ISP (att.worldnet?) and/or Direct (LAN,
which can use a proxy).  Regularly the UPS ISP can connect and access the
web, but not transfer shipping data (9999 error).  I was trying alternate
methods to see if we could eventually connect through our LAN using squid
to save constant phone calls.

Although, not familiar with NT, I managed to DUN a connection (including
squid proxy settings) to a ppp modem on our Cisco router (connected by
frame relay to factory WAN with squid on dsl).  MSIE could automatically
surf the web though that connection without any other settings, but UPS
Worldship immediately choked with a different error than it normally got
on the UPS ISP.

Note: I also DUN'd my own ISP without any proxy.  Again MSIE connected
fine without any other settings.  But UPS Worldship generated the same
9999 error as on the UPS ISP.

I guess I should wait until UPS sorts out their own (probably Windows
based) problems.  But I was just wondering if anyone has successfully
gotten UPS Worldship to connect through squid or other LAN or WAN web
proxy before I pursue getting a network card from UPS.


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