NNTP authorization

NNTP authorization

Post by Toto » Tue, 25 Feb 1997 04:00:00

On RH4.1, I want to use an nntp client to read news from a remote
host, preferably Gnus through XEmacs. So far I've not been able to
make it work, always getting a lack of authentication message from
the server. The /etc/news files are set up as the info says, and
I've been through man pages for some time now, but can't find any
notes about this trouble. Funny, slrn or knews work, but not xrn
or Gnus. I'm getting burnt out looking at this. Anyone have a hint
about getting these set up properly? TIA!


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I know sendmail is the standard mail server but what is the
usual/standard news fetcher software for BSD.

Then what is the standard FBSD NNTP server to serve these article to our
liccle Intranet?

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