Problems with Netware Client behind Linux Router

Problems with Netware Client behind Linux Router

Post by Brett Burn » Thu, 12 Jun 2003 00:32:23


I have a handful of Windows boxes on a private subnet that are being
routed through a Linux Router.  The Linux router handles the NAT using
iptables.  The Windows workstations are connecting to a Novell Netware
tree that is on a network on the "outside" of the private subnet:

Windows(<-->Linux Router(real IPs)<-->Hardware
Router<-->Netware Server

The Netware client on the Windows Workstations are struggling to login
to the Tree which is located in an external department.  Specifically,
the client takes much longer to login that clients on the outside of
the NATing Linux Router, if they login at all.  I have performed a
tcpdump, and I see the Netware clients generating lots of UDP junk,
but the Linux Router is not passing those UDP packets on out the
outbound interface into the real ip address subnet.

My Question is this: On hardware routers, there is usually a way to
define a "udp-helper-address" or a forwarding agent of some kind for
UDP packets.  Is there an equivalent mechanism within Linux, and do
you think that will solve this issue?

Thank you!