squid proxy-server without DNS

squid proxy-server without DNS

Post by Stefan V?lke » Sat, 24 Oct 1998 04:00:00

Quote:>Hi there,

>i want to setup a proxy server for our network with not-routable
>(192.168.100.XXX) - the proxy should only use a parent cache in another
>network. Since we have no DNS Server i'm searching for a way to disable the
>DNS lookups for squid.

you can disable the initial dns lookups by either starting squid with de
command line option -D or (im not sure if this works) by deleting all the
hosts squid tries to lookup in the squid.conf file.



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I have installed the lastest squid-version (1.1.8)  on SCO Internet
Faststart and it works pretty well.
PS. Squid is a proxy-server (url:ftp://ftp.tem.nhl.nl/pub/unix/squid)

What I saw was an enormous overflow of streams. I raised the value of
NSTRPAGES (stune) to 2048 and had for at least 1 day only 1 mblock

Raising the value of NSTRPAGES to 3072, there was again an enormous

Do I need to change more stune paramaters, or is there something else

System: Pentium 200 MHz with 132 Mb internal memory.
OS:     SCO OS internet faststart.

thanks for any reply,

Freerk J. Bosscha
The Netherlands

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