ncpfs.o problem

ncpfs.o problem

Post by Yidao CA » Fri, 06 Dec 1996 04:00:00

I have a stupid problem with Slackware96.  When I boot it, it
displays the message like (not exact)

  ncpfs.o for kernel 2.0.0 does not match kernel 2.0.0

I got the module ncpfs.o again from the ftp site and still get
the same problem.  As a result, I have problem mounting some remote
file servers.  It was fine when I first upgraded the kernel to 2.0.0
without installing Slackware96.

Thanks for help.



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To: Anyone that can help
Fr: Frustrated Fool

I've got a 1.2.13 system with just about nothing special.  (pppd,
diald, ip_masq, ftp, and sendmail).  I'm trying to add ncpfs.  I can
compile the binaries, and IPX is enabled in my kernel.  I cannot
'insmod ncpfs'.  I get 'Cannot open ncpfs'.  What's going on?  I tried
purging the source and re-untarring it again.  No go.  Any suggestions
out there?


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