Linux client for Banyan Vines file server?

Linux client for Banyan Vines file server?

Post by Jim Van Zan » Fri, 09 May 1997 04:00:00

Linux has clients for several kinds of network file servers: nfs (Unix
systems), SMB (e.g. Windows for Workgroups), and ncp (Netware).
However, one of our customers has a Banyan Vines file server.  Does
anyone have a Linux client that I can use for that?

                                 - Jim Van Zandt


1. Banyan Vines client support?

First, is anyone working on native Vines support?

Second, I used to be able to access a Vines network in dosemu
by using the Cabletron packet driver.  The newer dosemu revs
now have their own packet driver and csiban.exe now crashes.  
Has anyone been able to get the latest dosemu to work with Vines?


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