Win95 Netware3.12 and a Linux box

Win95 Netware3.12 and a Linux box

Post by Robert Leig » Mon, 09 Nov 1998 04:00:00

I am close but no cigar. I am new to this.I grabbed Caldera Open Linux
in Atlanta.
I have an existing Novell 3.12 and Win95 network.
On my Caldera Linux box I can see:
/NetWare and under that /NDS  and /bindery  under /bindery I can see my
server and my volumes (no files though)
/.nwamd shows me my /SERVER-1_SYS and an /Unresolved ( 95 box )
Can someone give me a shove off this cliff and into the world of
I know I have to be close here...
/amd shows my /L-Server
Thanks for all the other useful stuff I picked up in here...
Robert Leigh


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Strange. We took our sco5 and nw3 servers down on 12/31 and brought them
back up on 1/1. Now the gateway product for netware will not mount the
nucfs file systems. nucam mounts fine at /.NetWare but none of the
server.nws directories are present. nwlogin works just fine and the
nw3.12 server shows the sco root user as logged in. showsvcs -g 4 shows
all the servers (we are only logging into one of them) but nwservers
lists no servers. NPSConfig has sap_dump_on set to "active". ipx/spx and
the gateway are running. I've stopped nuc and restarted ipx then started
nuc again. But no servers. Ideas?


Hank Kratzer
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