Slackware ftp problem

Slackware ftp problem

Post by Tim Kallin » Mon, 12 Jul 1999 04:00:00

Hello, I have a problem with the 'put' command of the ftp program used by
Slackware 3.3 . I built a 2nd computer which I use to run Solaris 7 (its
host name is titan). I have it networked with my Linux box (host name
saturn) using a couple of NE2000 clone cards. The problem is this:
Whenever I use the 'put' command in ftp from saturn in order to transfer
files to titan, ftp tranfers a part of the file but then freezes. The same
thing occurs if I ftp to saturn from titan and use 'get' to transfer a
file to titan. On the other hand, 'get' on saturn to retrieve files from
titan or 'put' on titan to tansfer files to saturn work just fine. In
other words transferring a file from saturn (Slackware Linux) to any other
host causes ftp to freeze. Now if I perform any action on saturn, eg.
pressing the return key in a telnet window to saturn from titan, some more
of the file gets transferred but again freezes. If I keep pressing the
return key in the telnet window, the file continues to transfer haltingly
in spurts until done. I can also use 'ping -s saturn' from titan to
transfer the entire file in chunks each time ping accesses the ethernet
card (like I said any user activity on saturn causes the transfer to
resume). I'm certain the problem lies with Slackware 3.3 since I can use
both 'get' and 'put' between titan and saturn when I boot saturn into
Windows 95.

Anyone have any idea what could be causing this?  Perhaps it doesn't exist
in the current version of Slackware ? I've tried changing some things in
/etc/inetd.conf and upgrading the wu-ftp server program, but no luck. The
problem seems limited to ftp on Slackware. IP masquerading and forwarding
also work just fine for my network (the modem is on the Linux machine) so
this isn't part of the problem either. Telnet and ssh also work fine. I'm
using kernel 2.0.36 and I've upgraded libc5 to 5.4.46 and gcc to
egcs-1.1.2 . Both computers have Pentium 233 MMX chips.

Please also email me any responses.


Timothy Kallinis


Timothy Kallinis


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Any help would be appreciated.

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