Multiple PPP connections, (or what happened to ppp0?)

Multiple PPP connections, (or what happened to ppp0?)

Post by Bruce Lytl » Fri, 13 Dec 1996 04:00:00

I was dinking around the other day, had two modems hooked up, and dialed
two different ISP's. The first one (of course) was assigned as ppp0 and
the second as ppp1. I started them up as different users, thinking that
one would be 'assigned' the user that started it. The plan was to check
mail, etc. from the two different hosts, without all the dinking around
reseting Netscape to access the different ISP's. BTW, it didn't work
that way :<( That all seems fine and dandy, I (unfortunatly) didn't
check to see what addresses were assigned, but anyway, when I took ppp0
down, then ppp1, then cranked 'em back up, now I get ppp1 and ppp2. I
can't find any lock files (anyway the script is supposed to delete
'stale' locks) but ppp0 will not come back up. I know this is not a huge
problem, but 'inquiring minds wanna know'. Can any one explain this


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I want to create a PPP connection ... I've tried with minicom and
ppp-on/ppp-on-dialer scripts. No problem with the modem, I can dial the
Box with which I want to establich my PPP connexion, but if I type the
command "ifconfig", there is no ppp0 anymore !

I've read HOW-TO's and FAQ, and it seems to be obvious to have this
interface after PPP connexion ....

I don't know what I have forgotten ....

Thanks ...

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