NE2000+ and RedHat 4.0

NE2000+ and RedHat 4.0

Post by Johan S?derbe » Tue, 31 Dec 1996 04:00:00

Hi there,

I've been having some trouble when running the RedHat 4.0 installation
program. I choose to install Networking but it just cant locate my
NE2000+ card.

I tell the program to try NE2000 and compatible network drivers and
then I choose to specify the options myself and enter I/O=320h and
IRQ=5, which are the correct values, but it still locate the card.

If anyone knows what I'm doing wrong and/or how to fix it, I would
greatly appreciate it.

Thanks in advance, Johan.


1. Redhat 4.0 and NE2000

I recently updated to redhat 4.0 from 2.1 and it doesn't recognize my
NE200 card, nothing as far a hardware goes changed on either machine,
and win 95 and NT have no problem finding them.  what happened, any
ideas?  the ne2000 support is in the kernel.

I'm also getting errors from some of the modules after re compling the
kernel.  It says "Unresolved symbols in module "...  I've read the docs
and they've been little help for this problem.

-> Ben

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