sslwrap & undefined symbol: SSL_state

sslwrap & undefined symbol: SSL_state

Post by Yek, Seng Kong 'Daniel' » Sun, 20 Jun 1999 04:00:00

I'm using:
sslwrap-2.0.2-2.i386.rpm &

When I run:
/usr/sbin/sslwrap -cert /usr/local/ssl/certs/server.pem -port 143 -accept
   993 &

I get this error message:
error in loading shared libraries
:undefined symbol: SSL_state

Does this mean that sslwrap-2.0.2-2 is incompatible with the later

Is there any other rpm package available to implement imap service with
SSL that is compatible with this SSLeay?  Or I can switch to openSSL if
there is a better solution using it!

Thanks for advice.



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