Linux as an analog and ISDN dialin box (IP POOL!)

Linux as an analog and ISDN dialin box (IP POOL!)

Post by David ROBER » Sat, 23 Oct 1999 04:00:00

I have a problem setting up my linux as a dialin box.

I want my box to accept both analog and isdn calls
analog calls are received by two external modems
and isdn calls are handled by an internal isdn card.

incoming analog calls are handled by mgetty then pppd
incoming isdn calls are handled by two isdn4linux
ippp interfaces (and two ipppd process).
I don't want async ppp.

For all access I want several people to connect :
using the same login (with differents ip attributed
from a pool).
I want some people use their own login to have all the
time the same IP adress (for security purpose).

How can I do that ?
I would like both pppd (2.3.5) and ipppd (2.2.9)
use the same user database (/etc/ppp/pap-secret).

I don't want to assign fixed IP adresses to Physical
Ports because I need users have their personalised
own ip adress.

I tried to put several IP adresses with the same login
in /etc/ppp/pap-secret but ipppd used with usefirstip
don't work (without usefirstip it don't look at
pap-secret for ip attribution).

How can I implement this authentication/ip attribution
mecanism using both pppd and ipppd ?

Any Idea ?



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We are running SuSE 6.2 using it as a dialin-Server with 3 analog modems.

Now we've added a isdn-card (Fritz A1) to make it accept also isdn-calls.

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no forwarding to our local network.

After deaktivating ippp0 analog callers can access the rest of our
network without any problems.

Has anyone hints for me?


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