Linux as IPX-to-IP gateway?

Linux as IPX-to-IP gateway?

Post by Ben Neil Gerdema » Tue, 22 Jul 1997 04:00:00

Hello all,

We have been using a NLM on a Novell server to be an IPX-to-IP gateway for
our IPX Novell networked clients. Is there a product for Linux that does
the same thing? We use the IP to connect to the Internet, but aren't setup
to pass IP packets over the rest of the network yet. Any help would be



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Right now we have three Novell 3.12 networks in three sperate
buildings.  We are tryyting to put them together using a couple T-1s.
We want to use IPX so the Novell servers can talk, but we also have
the requirement to have IP packets sent to the desktop (to both DOS
and Unix based machines).

We've been told that IP and IPX do not get along too well and that IPX
will steal all the bandwidth from IP.  To solve the problem we were
going to use Linux gateways to convert all IPX to IP so that our
backbone was only passing IP.  Does this sound like a feasible
solution or are we making it more complicated?  Do we really need the
Linux gateways?

Thanks for your help,
Chris Moffitt

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