Broken Telnet (and ping) to Un*X from W95

Broken Telnet (and ping) to Un*X from W95

Post by Andrei Lenke » Fri, 30 May 1997 04:00:00


My setup:

1 HP Pavillion with W95, dial-up adapter and 3c509b Ethernet card
1 Dell Laptop with RH Linux 4.0, 2.0.30

My problem:
After I use my modem to dial in to work I can't telnet (or ping)
to my Linux box. The requests simply time out.

I'M SURE the problem is in W95 because I've tried the following:

        1) Uninstall TCP/IP protocol for dial-up and ethernet
        2) Reinstall TCP/IP protocol and configure it (see below)
        3) Telnet/ping (using IP address) to my Linux box -> OK!
        4) Dial in to work, surf for a while and hang up -> OK!
        5) telnet/ping (using IP address) to my Linux box -> NOT OK!

A few notes:
        - The two IP addresses I use at home are legitimate addresses that
          I got from work so they don't have to change
        - The dial-up TCP/IP is configured to Gateway and DNS
        - The ethernet TCP/IP is configured without a Gateway but when
          I tried to remove the DNS it would disappear in the dial-up
          DNS tab also! (so I left it in there)

My suspicion:
        After using the dial-up Sucks95 tries to use the gateway at work to
    access my Laptop (although they are on the same subnet *.*.*.116
    and *.*.*.117) and since I'm not connected anymore it can't find it


-Any suggestions on what may be wrong?
-How can I/come I can't have 2 completly different configurations for the
 dial-up and ethernet TCP/IP?

Many thanks in advance,